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It is so crazy how things have gone down these pass few years between the inequalities of the world to the pandemic. It has been a sick ride that a lot of people are not going to know how it ended up. We lost so many for all these reason and to think people in a whole still don’t get it. It is almost painful to talk about it because once you do we tend to point out all the issues and doing that shows also how selfish and in different we are about one another.

I kinda became more closed off to people but it’s not on purpose. It looks like it out of fear and the thought that nothing is going to change so what is the point. The even crazier part is that is only half the time, other moments I am super happy because I think things are going to get better and I would have to worry about all this but at times it is short loved.

So I tend to take it as it comes and stay on the positive side.

Well I found this drafted post and I most likely wrote this a year back, things of course quiet down a bit and now there are new issues that have popped up. So at this time there is almost no point to pointing out issue because once it dies out we tend to forget about it until something else happens that is similar and we cry out again about it. I am trying to push myself to write more and work on my projects but shit just keeps coming up.


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