Prusa i3 MK3S (Heat Sink)

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So this is the funniest thing I completely got my heat sink clogged when I first started using my printer. I personally think that I hit the power switch when I was trying to stop a print. Now I can say that “I know now that it isn’t good to do that” I totally learned from it.

Although what was I going to do with the clogged heat sink well me and my wife was talking and man when we brainstorm, so we started with a pot full of water. It was set to boil and that just got the filament soft. I was able to pull just a small piece. Then I decided to use an allen key to push on the tube and the filament. This only got the filament to a point to where i used a pillar and was able to pull out the filament. The PTFE tube was still stuck, this is when i thought to myself and got a hair dryer and placed it on hot and high and began heating up the heat sink. Now with a oven mitt on one hand and the hair dyer in the other i was able to get it hot enough to start pulling on it. Although it was still really tough, so I decided to use a little bit of cooking oil and man oh man that tube came right out.

So this is a product of not understanding that if a print is going bad “Do not just cut the power” stop/pause the print depending on where you started it.
I really got that royal blue filament stuck.
This is crazy at first I didn’t realize that I had got some filament stuck so I was trying to load a different filament.
I was pulling it to try to get it out.
After reading the great documents on Prusa site I notice that it was something that could come out.
I was able to get it out. One some win for Ostuner.
Completely cleaned out.

Now of course let me add that I had opened a ticket with Prusa3d company and they really helped out but to a point that it is comfortable to them. I think if they knew how geeky I was they would have told me to heat up the piece to get out the filament and the tube. Although it was easier to buy a new one and take apart the system to really learn it.

So remember this it isn’t bad to break something with this system because once you get a good understanding of the printer you can find your own ways to fix it. Xeno out…


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