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So I have 2 HP servers running ubuntu server OS, so of course I have to have some type of gaming server running. I decided to make a vanilla minecraft server and a Spigot server. I ex co-work that has access to one of my servers also installed a bedrock server.

It is super cool to share the server and allow other to use my space. I do also have a unreal and xonotic server running too.

So I had this post in my draft for a few months and now one of my 2 HP server isn’t booting right at the moment. So this post isn’t 100% accurate. I will add that in-between that time I am closing on a house so my setup will change and most likely get better and more services will be started. I hope to get a small business off the ground with some gaming services and information security services.

I hope it all works out. I will be posting more and working on making this a daily thing if possible. At my new place of employment I am learning a lot about time management so I should be improving on my work out put here on the site and with the services I want to provide.

Fingers crossed see you later….


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