Kogma Book server

Categories: Server services

So I wanted to have a cool way to read my favorite mangas that I really love and enjoy reading. I want it to be offline so that if I don’t have internet I could still read it with my phone which would be connected to my network. I really want to see if I could categorize and set permission so that I could control what users have access to. I already have it running on my Archlinux box but I know I might end up having more that 2 book servers.

I think I would want to setup one for like IT informational documents which would allow me to not have to research things that I already looked up I could have them in one spot and can be seen from my phone whenever. It could also help with help that I help or service allow them to access my documentation.

Well when you think about it I have a lot of information and ways to post it I just have to execute on them, looking forward to the future.


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