Hacking Google

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“Man oh man” what a cool series, I have always liked hacking and taking apart things and learning how things work at this time I am in the information security field 3 years in and I love it. This is a field where you never stop learning and there is always something new over the … Read More

The World 🌎

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It is so crazy how things have gone down these pass few years between the inequalities of the world to the pandemic. It has been a sick ride that a lot of people are not going to know how it ended up. We lost so many for all these reason and to think people in … Read More

Life changes

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So as I am writing this a lot has changed and a lot is coming. I will be working on a lot off different things and making a schedule for streaming games and posting the different projects that I am working on and will be working on. So there’s a lot to do and a … Read More

Prusa i3 MK3S (Heat Sink)

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So this is the funniest thing I completely got my heat sink clogged when I first started using my printer. I personally think that I hit the power switch when I was trying to stop a print. Now I can say that “I know now that it isn’t good to do that” I totally learned … Read More

Kogma Book server

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So I wanted to have a cool way to read my favorite mangas that I really love and enjoy reading. I want it to be offline so that if I don’t have internet I could still read it with my phone which would be connected to my network. I really want to see if I … Read More

Gaming servers

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So I have 2 HP servers running ubuntu server OS, so of course I have to have some type of gaming server running. I decided to make a vanilla minecraft server and a Spigot server. I ex co-work that has access to one of my servers also installed a bedrock server. It is super cool … Read More

Open Source 3D Printing

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Well for me it all started with REPRAP, well to be honest that is where it started for all personal 3D printing. I found out about this project in 2011 and finally bought my first REPRAP machine in 2015. RepRap Project actually started in 2005 so when I found out about it there had been … Read More