Ps4 remotely from your computer!!!

Great read on remote play on PS4…

Remote Play launched in November 2013, during the global release of PlayStation 4, and was pitched as an alternative way to play PS4 games through a second screen. Gameplay data is streamed to the PS Vita across a home Wi-Fi network, with input commands returning back to the system. Certain phones, such as Sony’s Xperia Z5, are also compatible with the service.

Black Spindle

Hey guys I was checking out some videos on YouTube and I came across this chicks videos. Now for starters I was watching BossJoy’s Trials videos (sniping beast) and I seen her videos on the side bar now yeah she is nice to look at but that is not why I watched her video. She is really good, so i seen she had a video on the Black Spindle and since I haven’t gotten one yet I figured I’d post it.

Her name is SSSniperWolf check out some of her video she is kinda funny..